When there is no-one else, it tells us one of two things. Either, this is a silly idea that adds no value, or it just seems too difficult, unappetising or challenging to be attractive.

Silly ideas and audacious visions are hard to tell apart. Often, the defining feature is the narrative around purpose. As with most narratives, it evolves over time. Compelling visions that move humanity forward tend to remain compelling over time.

Hindsight is the easiest way to make this distinction. It’s also not very helpful. You could play it like a roulette table. The odds are not in your favour, even though you get it right every once in a while. You could spend the time to learn the probabilities and human aspects and play poker instead.

 When no-one else is there to answer the call you hear, a useful question to ask is, “At which table am I sitting?”

Michał Parzuchowski

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