Some of us have learned to travel light. Others prefer to travel with everything we need to ensure comfort. It’s a tricky trade-off. Really though, it’s a clash of philosophy.

Those who travel light are all about the internal perspective. How efficient is the process? How much energy am I spending lugging around luggage, not to mention the inconvenience of the logistics? Light is easy and comfortable.

Those who travel for comfort are willing to deal with a couple of days of inconvenience for the ability to always look and feel great. They are concerned about what they present to the world, and how that makes them feel. The return of effort is well worth the weight in baggage.

This translates well to business. Travelling light is efficiency in operations. It’s important that the internal engine works well. Travelling for comfort is about the external environment. How do customers perceive us? Do we look the part?

You need both. Pack for purpose.

Caroline Selfors

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