you are much more likely to achieve them. Public statements of intent create accountability. This is especially useful since we adapt the narrative to suit our own comfort.

Without external accountability, we are easily able to adjust our expectations and goals. We justify the adjustments to ourselves due to all the unforeseen circumstances, other realities and priorities in life. By doing so we convince ourselves that the amendments of our internal goals are logical and acceptable.

As soon as we have to explain this logic to external parties, we think twice. We know, inherently, that this hogwash we feed ourselves will not stand up to scrutiny. The beauty is, that because we don’t want to justify our own incongruence, we end up pushing just that little harder. We go further than we would if no one else knew.

We push through just a little more pain and inconvenience, only to discover that we had it in us all along.

Public declarations are powerful motivators and enablers to exceptional performance.

Try it. You will be surprised.
Miguel Henriques

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