The final event of a pleasant evening. It wraps the event up with a sweet taste leaving us wanting more. There is something satisfying about it. It feels complete.

Not having dessert feels rushed. Almost like the point was not the meal or the company, but the sustenance instead. It’s functional rather than experiential. It leaves us full and satisfied, but certainly not elated or surprised.

Client engagements are the same way. We can serve them takeaways to fill the whole and address the immediate need. When we have long term engagements, it’s advisable to ensure you end it with dessert. Each party leaves with fond memories and the lingering taste of a pleasant final interaction.

It does not really matter what industry you are in or what service you offer if you want to leave a positive association with the person that pays your bills, it is worthwhile to offer them dessert.

Irene Kredenets

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