Most game shows are designed to appeal to our competitive nature. The design requires that the contender have well-developed and well-rounded skills in a wide range of fields.

There are very few people in the world with such a well-developed ability. This coaxes contenders into incompetence (by playing on their competitive nature), giving up their earnings in the process.

When we understand our shortcomings, we chose to take our money and run. This requires a high-level self-mastery to accomplish.

Business often does the same thing. We are coaxed into engaging in activities we are ill-equipped to do, to save money. We end up making a mess of things and getting in specialists to fix it.

Knowing our limits is essential to our long term business success.

Learn to identify and embrace your flaws. Then surround yourself with people who fill the gaps.

Sebastian Davenport-Handley

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