We see it all the time. It goes by many names. Xenophobia, sexism, ageism, racism are the consequences of two parties approaching an argument from their point of view.

What makes this challenging is that both sides are right. We would love for our opponents to be completely wrong. In fact, we create a narrative that confirms this is the case. This allows us to call them bigots or isms, close-minded or even selfish.

In truth, no-one is wrong on purpose. Everyone believes what they believe because they are connected to their interpretation of reality. It is our job to find ways to navigate these realities. This task becomes insurmountable when we are incapable of seeing our opponents point of view. Not from an outcome or expectation point of view, but rather from a fundamental driver perspective.

Give me a lever long enough…

Understanding is the first step to influence.

Uriel Soberanes

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