It’s either something we are born with, earn, fight for, or aspire to. It also embodies a certain status, prestige and expectation.

This is what makes most titles desirable. To such an extent that we structure our entire lives to attain and maintain them. Professional titles, performance titles, educational titles, titles of status or of success all carry significant gravitas that attracts honour and reverence.

Therein lies the challenge.

A title is meant to convey a mark of approval to confirm the holder’s worthiness of honour and reverence. Sadly, all titles are not worthy of such a high perception, but the vice versa does still apply.

Instead of harbouring ‘enTITLEment’ expecting that which we perceive we deserve to be bestowed upon us, it would be worth first showing that we are worthy of honour and reverence through our contribution.

Titles are about the responsibility of the holder after all.

Kelly Sikkema

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