We often assume we share a joint intention. This is likely the case. We all believe in the company, the vision, the social club or investment idea. Since we have common ground, it makes sense to engage.

We soon realise the gaps between our seemingly ubiquitous intention. We all support the intent for different reasons. That which informs the support for the joint direction is as unique and as numerous as the individuals involved.

This is not an issue if you are comfortable with each party approaching and executing in the way they see fit to achieve the intent. However, usually, we require consensus on the nuances as well. It’s these finer details that derail the plan.

The underlying drivers of intent are revealed in the approaches, expectations and assumptions of the individuals. As we discover the wide differences we aggravate conflict that seems irreconcilable.

It’s hard to imagine such conflict is possible when we all agree on the intention.

This is how most religious sects start. It’s also the path of many second movers.

The why matters.

Courtnie Tosana

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