There is an illusion that at some point in the future we will have learned all there is to know. For some, this is already a reality. There is nothing you can teach me. I see this, heard that, done this, experienced that. All the new stuff I’ve read, or listen to the audiobook, or got the gist on a summary page somewhere.

This is an illusion because if we postured ourselves for growth and learning, we would realise that, no matter how educated, well-read or experienced we are, we have not yet tapped all of our potential. There remain unexplored depths in our own capacity that beckons.

What our acceptance of this illusion as truth reveals is not that we are unteachable, but that we are arrogant. We believe there are only some who can teach us anything. We have succumbed to the fallacy of hierarchy. Only those above me have anything to offer.

If we believe that connection and relationships are the point and the grandest value in life, we learn from every interaction. We grow through every experience of the human condition, whether by experience or by story.

My willingness to be taught is the gateway to my potential.

The moment I close it, I define my capacity and my future.

Gaelle Marcel

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