When we embark on adventures or expeditions we pit ourselves against the elements. We pursue the best version of ourselves measured against the toughest challenges we can face.

The result is inner confidence in our resilience and responsiveness no matter what happens. It becomes a reference point for any future challenge we face. If I could overcome that, certainly I can conquer this.

When we embark on competition we pit ourselves against other people. We pursue being the best. We compete against the best the world has to offer, each with the same strong drive to come out on top.

The result is very different. Beating other people does not mean you are the best version of yourself, it means you are better than they are. This is a variable standard that flexes and evolves over time. It also forces all but one to be unsuccessful. Certainly, If I can come second in that race I can deal with this issue just doesn’t have quite the same significance.

Entrepreneurship is often the same comparison. Am I using the best the world can through at me, or the best my competitors can?

The benchmark you use determines the level you hope to reach.

Better than your competitors

Or the best business you can build.

Raquel Martínez

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