Energy is not created or destroyed. It is merely transformed.

If we follow this principle, we use resources as inputs to transform effort and intelligence into a different type of energy and the cycle continues. Essentially, our entire economy runs on the premise of payment for the transformation of energy.

This is only essential since our bodies are dependent on sources of energy for survival.

It begs the question however, “What function does resource stockpiling fulfil?” This question does not relate to the planning or seasonality inherent in the process. It focusses instead on the mindless storing of value for an indeterminate future application.

Unless, during the stockpiling, it is put to use to enable the transformation of energy (such as investments that support this purpose) the law is broken. The energy is stalemated and removed from the energy system. This creates a loss in the cycle.

Add enough of these losses, and inflation sets in, simply because the demand for energy increases and the supply is not keeping up. This activates a fear spiral, freezing even more resources, aggravating the problem.

How much do you really need? Do we need to gather more in storehouses or learn to transform more when we need it?

Lack or abundance?

Alana Harris

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