It’s easy to step out of a movie theatre and reflect on the experience of the last 2 hours. Most of the time we consider the experience and entertainment as an isolated event and rate our perception if the encounter.

If we take a moment to consider the enormous amount of energy invested in such a fleeting 2-hour entertainment session, our perception of the value might be very different. Most feature films require investment across the total period of production in excess of 1 000 000 man-hours. That’s right, six zeros.

It seems almost disproportionate.

It means that if you alone had the skills and raw talent to create, and produce and edit a blockbuster film it would require 172 years of your life, working 16 hours days, 7 days a week. You would not even produce one in your lifetime.

Discovering this monumentous investment behind the scenes helps us to appreciate the excellence we see in others. As with films, people, sports stars, businessmen, the two-hour ‘show’ we watch, seeing master’s revel in their craft, is the culmination of a lifetime of dedication and hard work.

Raw talent might give you a jump start.

It does not translate into a blockbuster without work.

Chris Murray

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