The first is a long journey with a stopover in a town called Discipline. There we are shaped and groomed through instilling of values, structure and dedication. It requires long hours of perfecting fundamentals. To our astonishment, we gain depth of understanding and a certain responsiveness possible only because of a well-trained subconscious.

When we finally set off from here towards Purpose, we are well served by our time in Discipline. We arrive in Purpose with immense capacity and resilience to ensure our effortless, sustainable output there for a long time. We embed our roots in Purpose. The whole land is better for it.

The second is a shortcut on the highway of Quick Results. This was constructed by enterprising young men who wanted to create a business by selling purpose. It worked really well. People streamed into Purpose and the young men grew rich from the toll fees.

Regrettably, most of the users of this highway enjoyed Purpose only as a visiting tourist. They saw all the landmarks and enjoyed some of the shows. Eventually all to return home to Mediocrity City. The few who bucked the trend did so after a prolonged sabbatical in, you guessed it, a town called Discipline.

Daniel Norris

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