In a casino, this is advisable. (That is if you feel comfortable gambling at all). It limits your risk exposure and curbs your losses. In almost any other arena it doesn’t serve you. It does not serve us either.

Compromising on your dreams or toning down your vision is the surefire way to very little. Very little impact. Granted, it’s not the size of your impact that matters. It’s the size of your impact relative to your capacity. Everyone is not a meteor. Everyone is also not a needle. We don’t mine needles for minerals, but we don’t use meteors for acupuncture.

Playing small means you downplay your significance. You undervalue your capacity and relevance.

We desperately need you to be all you can be. No-one else can fill the void you leave when you don’t. Stand up. Be counted.

It’s time to make a ruckus.

It’s more fun when you do it with all you’ve got

Cederic X

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