The fight against stress, anxiety and depression it a tough one. As with all disease, it is very personal. There are no rest days, no breaks.

What makes mental illness even more challenging is that it betrays you. You can no longer trust yourself, your thinking, your decisions or your emotions. You easily feel out of control or out of sorts and you can’t find the way back. Not for lack of trying, but for lack of clarity. The mental fog is so intense and the haze so pervasive that it sucks all your energy. It leaves only lethargy in its wake.

Worse still, it’s increasing.

More of us are facing this mountain that ever before, and more are on the way. Most of us have friends fighting this battle right now. Most of us probably don’t know about it. Stigmatisation and marginalisation are still pervasive. As a result, most of our friends are isolated and left to face this giant alone.

Surely this begs the question: “What is it in our current thinking that is creating a highway to these mountains of pain?” How is it possible for us as a society to stand idly by as more of our friends are consumed, used up and spat out by an unsustainable system?

Something has got to give.

Perhaps, we can start by giving support and encouragement to those close to home.

Artem Maltsev

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