We have a limited capacity for focus. We can only tackle so many challenges at a time. Our hope is to craft order in chaos. Our ability to be successful is contingent upon our thinking discipline.

Disciplined thinking starts not in our mastery of solving complex problems but in consistently maintaining order in the simple variables. We often take it for granted, and because of its seeming insignificance, pay very little attention to it. The battle for keeping the chaos in check is won and lost in your personal space.

Creating order in your room, your office, your email inbox and your digital filing are paramount to conquering chaos. These small victories teach us valuable lessons. We overcome the laziness in our thinking. We learn to create order where we control all the variables. We keep ourselves as agents of chaos in check.

From this foundation, order can take root in our business and our external reality.

The seemingly insignificant becomes the foothold of your victory or the stumbling stone of your demise.

Felix Mittermeier

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