We all have them. It’s all the things we do without thinking. Not because we are lazy, but because the default setting has been programmed to execute without additional mental loading.

This is useful for menial everyday tasks like driving, cooking, getting dressed. The existence of defaults in our thinking frees up processing power for other tasks.

The challenge is what to do when the default is no longer in our best interest. Your defaults are the architects of your life. It determines your course, direction, speed and destination. What if we don’t like it when we get there?

Say your cooking has resulted in you being overweight. The default failed. An intervention is required. You do all the work, start training, try to eat better, count your calories. You see the results!

Crises hits, mental capacity is rechanneled to address crises, the default setting is activated, weight gain ensues.

Lasting change is only possible if we replace the defaults with ones more helpful than the ones that got us here. For something so important, it would make sense to get an expert on board to help with this huge transition.

You could try to do it yourself. You will probably find the mental energy required to address the additional barriers of lack of knowledge, process, understanding and information leave very little to secure the change.

If it’s important enough, get help.

Louis Hansel

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