In our rushed lives we rarely make time for detours. Our goal orientation and ferocious focus, commendable as it is, steal the luxury of leisure from our existence.

Detours should be distinguished from wrong turns. Detours are not failures or errors. They are intentional. They are the choice for something significant that the main road will never afford us the opportunity to experience. It requires a sacrifice of time.

Most of these detours we can plan for. We know about the options in advance. Our cost-benefit analysis enables us to include some and exclude others. You may be one of the people who are only concerned about speed and accuracy of execution. Your performance will reflect this commitment. The depth of your experience may be left by the wayside and deserves careful consideration.

Some detours catch us off guard. It presents as the unplanned events, the meetings that turn into an investment opportunity, the moments where you connect with people at a human, rather than a task level. These moments are rare and truly precious.

So often though, we skim over them because our focus on completion has desensitised us to the value in suspended in these moments. Occasionally, the interaction requires some leeway from the agenda, or perhaps even the presence of mind to put it away altogether.

Slow down, take the canyon road.

You will likely never travel here again.

Kees Streefkerk

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