So you want to get there. Unfortunately, there is a leap too far. This is a good thing, it creates tension and aspiration. It inspires us to grow, to expand our limits. It drives us forward.

Unless we try to make the leap anyway. Inevitably, we fail and fall. If we survive it, we are likely to be scared off and reserve ourselves to safe bets in the future. The alternative is to acknowledge the magnitude of the task ahead. Instead of being overwhelmed by it, we focus our energy to break it down. We plan our way from where we are now.

We build stepping stones. Few people might understand the logic in the steps we take. It will make little sense to those who do not see the end goal. Eventually though, after enough steps guided by one, unifying goal, we reach it.

The leap that killed or discouraged so many others becomes the domain of those who dare, and are brave enough to take a long way around.

Mars Williams

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