It’s a question worth taking seriously.

Chances are, we are wrong more often than not. We believe we are right because conventional wisdom confirms it. Science is on our side. So is history.

History also proves that our understanding of truth is evolutionary. “According to what we know right now, I am probably right” is likely a more accurate description of your rightness. That’s not very right at all…

To make matters slightly more complex, the pace at which new information, evidence, and studies are perpetuating, and the sheer volume of knowledge they contain, we are probably not right. The level of certainty is significantly reduced. Things I am confident about is already updated with mountains of new studies that build on or vilify some of what I know to be true.

Taking this question seriously means posturing yourself in a different way. I am not the custodian of fact. I am the bearer of opinion and a point of view. It does not have to be the whole answer. It probably won’t be.

Arrogance is not what will serve the world.

Perhaps it’s time to attempt contribution instead.

Greta Pichetti

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