It usually starts with mass displacement underwater. The wave it generates runs beneath the surface uninterrupted. This wave can travel at speeds up to 800 km per hour. Completely unnoticed.

Then, landfall. As the continental shelf forces the wave to break the surface, it slows down and stands up. We take notice. The energy in the wave is so immense it just flows over anything in its path. It seems effortless. Its impact is profound.

Your business is wired the same way.

By creating a fundamental displacement, you could set a wave in motion that may not be visible, until it makes landfall. When it does, it will change the landscape significantly.

The landfall (market impact) will be effortless.

Displacing the mass (internal processes, value proposition, customer-centricity, and high-quality thinking) is effort.

 unsplash-logoTim Mossholder

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