Today I had the immense privilege to experience something spectacular. I had spent the day in court, listening to a woman give testimony to a courtroom full of men. She was accused, suffered questioning of the character, her decision making and her sense of right and wrong.

Amid this onslaught, she not only carried herself, kept her poise and maintained her dignity, but in the breaks, she pumped breast milk for her infant son. She had to arrange to collect him late from daycare because the proceedings ran long.

Not once did she complain. Not once did she reduce her output.

No-one noticed all this but me. That’s because this woman is my wife and a mother.

Moms deserve much more respect than society gives them.

These two video’s say much about what we don’t appreciate, and what we take for granted.

Perhaps, when enough voices have spoken up, we will realise that society has to change, and not women.

Guillaume de Germain

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