For water, it is 100 degrees Celcius. Provided that you are at sea level, the water is pure, and is 15 degrees Celcius outside. It is not constant.

We all have boiling points. So do our projects, our clients and our teams. If we reach them, the bonds disintegrate. Effort and impact evaporate. It’s a key tolerance level to manage. The trick, dealing with the variables.

What is it that blows up one project that the same team with a different client was able to manage? What is it that pushes a client over the top and refuse further engagement? Which environmental factors within our control could we protect and manage to safeguard the boiling points?

Then, if we do end up blowing off some steam, how do we cool it right back down again?

Controlling the atmosphere seems key. Specifically the pressure and heat.

Buzz Andersen

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