Sometimes it seems like you just have to breach the ridge your on to reach the summit. You put in the last push and drive it though, only to discover the higher peak in the distance. The disappointment is almost palatable. You are not even sure if you have enough strength to carry on. Hope hangs by a thread.

If you climb the same mountain a second time, your experience is very different. You know what’s coming. The false summits are still there, but you are wiser. You know they are false. You prepare for it. You manage your energy, and most of all, your hope.

The only variable between these two cases is your expectation.

Since you have the benefit of wisdom the second time around, your adjusted expectation allows you to celebrate the false summits. You might not be done yet, but you have conquered a steep section. We appreciate it for what it is, progress.

If false summits are getting you down, its easier to change that which is within your control.

You can’t move the summit.

Change your expectation instead.

Karsten Würth (@karsten.wuerth)

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