We periodically achieve moments of brilliance. Our business gains traction and we experience the sunlight. It’s a great feeling until we realise the work has just started. Sunlight is a moving target.

So we fire up the engines and chase it with all we’ve got. Soon we realise it’s a losing battle. Let’s wait for it to come around again.

The surface of the earth rotates at roughly 1.3 times the speed of sound (at the equator). So in theory, it is possible to live in perpetual sunlight (direct and full in all its glory). You need a military jet and plenty of fuel.

If you consider the source of the problem, you will discover that it is not so much the sunlight that disappears as the eath that gets in the way. So we could also fix the problem by changing our position. If we were floating around in space, we could be in perpetual sunlight merely by maintaining our position.

If competition is blocking your sunlight, perhaps it’s time to change your position.

Yannes Kiefer

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