It’s the idea that large swarms of birds do not follow a leader or a neighbour, but instead, anticipate choreography coming down the line. The research suggests that the reaction time of most birds are not fast enough to maintain the graceful manoeuvres.

Primarily the function of these swarms is the evasion from and protection against predators. By incorporating anticipation into the movement, birds are much more responsive to these changes in the swarm dynamic.

Vulnerability is significantly reduced through this combined choreography. Had a single bird tried the same thing, their reaction times would activate a theory of constraint that the predator could take advantage of.

Instead of following a leader or a peer who does really cool work attempting to duplicate it, facing the same challenges and obstacles, would it not be powerful to incorporate it into an adaptive, expansive solution. Instead of responding, we step into a series of manoeuvres programmed into our actions.

Sure, to you this might not seem creative, simply because you understand the mechanics. To an outsider and a client, your graceful, fluid motion will mesmerise to the end of days.

Viktor Dukov

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