There is an idea in quantum physics that particles could be connected across time and space. It does not make much sense and is very hard to explain when we only think in three dimensions. If we consider the reality including many more dimensions than we interact with or understand, it is possible for a connection to run on one of the other dimensions we fail to consider.

This is quantum tunnelling.

The implication is the complexity of unintended consequences. By affecting a particle here, I could create the opposite effect in a faraway location. This was not my intention, but since the tunnelling alluded me, it is the reality.

Some of these tunnels include:

  • The perceived link between science and intellect,
  • The suggestion that capitalism is the saviour of ‘left behind’ peoples (third world),
  • The idea that ‘poor’ peoples need to be saved because they want what we have,
  • The notion that gender neutrality and equality will improve life and;
  • The philosophy that constantly growing economies will indefinitely produce wealth.

When we don’t understand the complexities of the challenges we hope to address in isolation, we create challenges we never see coming.

Perhaps, some humility and reservation would serve us after all.

 Tim Marshall

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