What asks the creative question. What needs to be created, solved, thought of in a new way. Often, we answer these questions by looking at what already exists and what others have done and then squash our problem into one of the options presented.

This is useful when we have a problem closely correlated to those of others before us. In an increasingly dynamic world, this is becoming less likely. We are confronted with the need to create. We have to come up with new ‘whats’.

How is concerned with the execution. The practical, methodical, sequential process that gets us where we are headed. When the ‘what’ is a rehash, the ‘how’ is largely established barring a few tweaks for context.

When the ‘what’ in new, the ‘how’ becomes creative too. The ‘how’ is undetermined and undefined.

New ‘whats’ and ‘hows’ are plenty of work. It’s also riddled with failures and surprises.

When we get it right, we move the world forward.

Tina Bosse

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