The problem with inventing a solution or pioneering an idea is acceptance. Without acceptance, it doesn’t sell, you cannot scale and it dies. This happens to brilliant ideas as well as mediocre ones.

When we build in isolation we take on an established immune system as a foreign, threatening entity. We activate the need for change. Change requires effort. It harbours potential harm. The immune system flares up.

Eco-systems allow you to create inventions within a value chain that will use it. You circumvent the immune system because you are already in the body. Acceptance is much easier to secure, likely even default.

This allows you to focus on the ‘real’ work, adding value. If your idea or invention does not add value, it shouldn’t exist. Often, because of the isolation, it’s rejected long before the merits are even considered.

Find an eco-system that will welcome your presence. Or build one.

Etienne Delorieux

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