In an ideal world, we like to think that we would experience no pressure. We perceive pressure as a negative consequence of the modern world. This is not so. Pressure creates energy that enables performance.

Our heart’s primary function is to create pressure. It is this very pressure that sustains life. As we all know, pressure is a bit of a balancing act. If it’s too low, it’s ineffective. Too high, and it’s dangerous.

What determines the turning point between too high or low? Sure, absolute pressure plays a part. The most important part is the capacity of the system we are forcing all this pressure into. Weak or compromised veins would falter under slightly elevated blood pressure. So would old, rusted plumbing.

Pressure is positive, even necessary, as long as it is properly managed.

We manage it in two ways.

Targets and resilience.

Crystal Kwok

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