it’s complicated.

We would much prefer a set of facts that we can all agree on and are universally applicable. This is not easy to prove. Science represents the custodians of universally applicable facts. Many of these are hotly debated and in contention within the community of the very people who hope to determine it.

The issue is not the facts. It is not created by smart people, it just is. Facts must be discovered. Therein lies the problem. People, filled with bias, lenses, history, expectations and agendas design the experiments that attempt to discover these facts.

It’s a tricky business. Irradicating all contaminations in a study is paramount to the meaning of life.

Instead, it is useful to accept that our understanding of the world is continuously unfolding. It is in a constant state of flux. This does not mean you should avoid facts altogether, it informs decision making and grounds our world.

Instead, like any good ship captain, drop anchor where you are, earthed to what you know. Always bear in mind that ships are made to sail. When they discover new worlds, that’s great news. Just drop anchor when you get there.

You could hold on to an old truth, there are many good reasons to do so, but clenching to a theory of flat earth probably won’t serve you forever.

The Climate Reality Project

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