Life has a way of shifting our focus to challenges. Likely because these are things we do not choose and require energy and dedication to resolve. With this as our seemingly persistent reality, we unwittingly reflect on the shortcomings in our lives.

We want to go on more holidays, earn more money, drive nicer cars, live in better suburbs, have better family relationships, have better marriages, be healthier or better looking. It’s easy to be cynical. It’s easy to be coaxed into spending all our time and money achieving and obtaining that which we are told to want to want.

Fortunately, by spending time reflecting on our blessings, we discover all we already have. We appreciate our wonderful kids, our convenient lives with access to electricity, internet and free education (you can learn anything on the web).

The simple conclusion is that changing our focus changes our lives.

When you understand and appreciate what you already have, it’s easy to experience life as beautiful, joyful and fulfilling.

Create habits to protect your perspective. This defines your leash on life after all.

John-Mark Smith

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