It’s not where you might expect. Sure, there are many big fights we might encounter. Some of the big ones include poverty, access to education, bias in its many forms, privilege, geographical reality and even health.

These are tough fights. They continue to claim many victims. Many of these fights are symptoms of systemic exclusion and need to be addressed.

If you face one (or more) of these fights, I encourage you to continue, to persevere, to fight. I would also encourage you to first tackle the biggest fight of your life. The fight that will set you up for a career that topples over these giants.

The fight with yourself.

The fight that helps you accept your reality, embrace your capacity and realise that you have limitless potential.

Once you conquer your negative self-talk, somehow all these others fight become easier. At least now, you have you on your side.

(PS. The irony of this post is not lost on me. It is only accessible to those who have access to the internet and have some level of education. I concede that the fight with self is ever-evolving aided by our exposure to education and geographical mobility. Take a moment to think about this, and realise how far ahead of the curve you already are.)

Attentie Attentie

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