It catches us off guard. Often with dire consequences.

Mostly because we are not prepared for it. It seems unnecessary to spend time preparing for something that will only occur if an intervention produces the opposite result. Carpets are designed to prevent slips on sleek tile surfaces. To a large extent, this is its core purpose. Failure on this key success factor is comparable to pointlessness.

Falls are the leading cause of unintended injury among adults age 65 and older. Many of these result from slippery surfaces including loose carpets.

Sure, it’s unlikely to happen, but when it does, we end up breaking bones. It is precisely because it is so unlikely that we are ill-prepared in the moment.

We could approach all carpets cat-footed in future to limit the risk, or we could take responsibility for all the carpets we have and ensure they don’t slip.

Control what you can. Prioritise the safety of others. After all, they are nice enough to trust you to do so.

Slippery Carpets we should pay attention to:

  • Bias, including any arbitrary characteristic like race, gender, nationality, etc
  • Prejudice
  • Assumption – based on ill-informed perspectives
  • Dehumanisation – including possessive pronouns when talking about others
  • Downplaying of the experiences and realities of others in favour of my own

Trang Nguyen

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