There is a moment before we step into something new, a slight pause. This fleeting moment passes unnoticed to the observer. In your mind, a million things are happening all at once. Hopes, fears, insecurities and unknowns come flooding to the surface.

At that moment, we make a choice. We either step in, or we stop at the threshold.

These profound moments determine the course of our lives, the steps and the stops.

Stops are choices for the known, the secure, the predictable. They are safe, at least at the time. They are also necessary. The uncertain option is not always the right one.

Steps are the brave choices that take us into courage, into significance, into the opportunity to create.

Our previous choice at these moments makes it easier to make the same choice next time. Quickly, the safe choice becomes our comfort zone. We build our house there.

If that’s you, take a holiday every now and then to experience what stepping in looks like. It will expand your horizons and renew your appreciation for the stops you chose.

Besides, you don’t have to live there.

 Kristina Paparo

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