There comes a day when you realise it. You are better than you used to be. It dawns on us suddenly, while we do something we’ve done many times before, and somehow it’s easier with better results.

It might feel like a day you hit your first hole-in-one. (The odds of this happening for an amateur are roughly 12,500:1. To put this in perspective, with 4 PAR 3’s in a typical 18-hole golf course, you would need to play 3125 rounds of golf. If you play a game every week, it will take you 60 years of playing to achieve this just once. Really small odds.) So we wait and hope, but know it’s unlikely to happen.

Fortunately, we do improve. Not noticeably, and not in the moment, but day by day, in small increments, until one day, you’re better!

It’s awesome to notice. It’s worthwhile to appreciate it as a culmination of dedication and commitment and small improvements over time.

You are better!

You did the work.

Peter Lewicki

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