That is some fancy speak for goals, steps and actions. It works better when we simplify.

We need goals to ensure we head in the right direction. This is achieved by crafting a compelling vision with an understanding of the purpose behind what we hope to achieve. It creates the direction, as well as the driving force that gets us there when we encounter some challenges. (If we are honest, things are rarely as easy as we think it will be when we decide to do them.)

This is usually quite intimidating. The inertia created by something so far beyond our reach is conquered through small, achievable steps that build on one another. It’s important that each of these steps are small enough to seem achievable, yet large enough to create an impact on the final goal. (Want to run a marathon? Start by running your first 3km. Once you achieve this, aim for a 5K, etc.) This critical ingredient stirs hope, builds momentum, and creates the perception of progress (which is often lost in the whole).

Finally, digest this plan into actionable, repeatable habits which, if practised diligently, will achieve the milestones and reach the goal. Plugging the performance into processes remove the mental tax that is required to keep this new initiative alive. The sooner it becomes part of the standard approach to our lives, the less change it requires and the less friction it creates. This removes barriers to execution. (Translated to ‘excuses’ in the common tongue.)

Before you have it big goals become staggering achievements that set you up for even bigger ones.

Cassie Matias

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