Our ability to create convenience offers the opportunity for a premium. Convenience does not have to be expensive, but it is valuable. This value is determined by the value of the time and effort saved by the customer.

The proliferation of tech has created immense opportunities to hack this currency. We access free cash almost immediately with significant upside and scalability. What’s not to love?

Well, if they can do it, and it’s this easy, so can I. Suddenly, the convenience disappears. We create barriers to entry for the clients we hope to serve. Which solution is the best? How do I figure this out? How much time will it take? Is it really worth it?

To truly access the currency locked up in inconvenience, we must first intimately understand what the inconvenience is. We must learn to approach the problem from the client point of view.

Doing so will uncomplicate life for our customers. That’s truly the only thing we want.

Make yourself the obvious choice.

Tyler Lastovich

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