When last did you do it? Stretching is not always comfortable. It creates a tension that includes uncomfortable pain. It’s preferable to skip it and go straight on to the workout, or life in general.

The momentary inconvenience saves us the excruciating pain of injury and frees up our movement. It lessens the effects of constricted muscles which over time have developed a limited range of motion, mostly because it is not required to function beyond that. It may even lead us to believe these are our limits.

The stretch, forcing us outside our comfort zones, reveals a lost capacity. It shows us that we are capable of far more than we could ever dare to think or imagine. Sure, it’s not free. It will be earned through pain and suffering. It will also set you free.

When last did you tackle a project way out of your depth?

The pain will be unbearable.

The reward will be unfathomable.

Alora Griffiths

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