Some are unhealthy, like justification, disrespect, animosity or denial. These are reactions that are hard to control. Mostly, it’s automatic responses to triggers that set it off. We don’t always know what they are. We can’t always see them coming.

Some are really healthy, like accountability, taking responsibility, apologising, not just with words, but with restorative actions. Some of these mechanisms include proactive diagnostic systems that warn us when we are approaching dangerous ranges or vulnerabilities.

Healthy defence mechanisms, alerts or triggers are the results of hard work and intentional design. They serve us and support our sustainability and longevity because we took the threats seriously enough to be proactive.

The default setting is opt-out. It’s likely to stay that way.

Perhaps it’s time to opt-in.

How important is it, for you, for your business?

Altino Dantas

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