Upward spirals bring us closer to the impossible with every step. It raises the bar and extends our reach. Small, sequential steps in the right direction translating to massive gains over time. Each a small victory. Each victory makes the next easier and more likely.

Upward spirals include positive time use, commitment, collaboration, social accountability, protection of human rights and dignity, the safety of the most vulnerable people in society. The increase of selflessness and service of others. Each one of these factors, successfully integrated into society, creates an environment conducive to the achievement of the next.

Downward spirals work the same way but in the opposite direction. It polarises society, focusses on our differences and irrelevant characteristics. It leads to abuse and self-service. It ultimately ends in corruption, abuse of power, martial law and chaos.

The trick with spirals is that they are accelerating by nature. It gains momentum in the direction of movement. This is great when we are in an upward spiral. It creates a margin for error. On downward spirals, it requires us to first arrest the descent before we flip it over.

It can be done.

It’s helpful when we are honest about where we are first.

Reid Zura

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