Activeness is the willingness to engage. It’s pro-active and seeking. It creates, connects and ignites. It identifies potential and chips away at it to reveal the increadible statues within. It’s the creative force that goes hand in hand with patience.

Aggression is the anti-type. It is self-seeking and destructive. It uses force to manipulate fit. It is not patient. It does not deal well with conflict. It is a reactive posture that lashes out, defends and ridicules. It smashes the marble to pieces to get it out of the way, never unleashing the inner significance.

These two are different, exclusive postures. Pro-activity does not condone violence and aggression. Go-getters do not get to force-fit and disrespect because that is what society finds acceptable.

Let’s draw the line. Let’s pursue healthy impact without aggression.

It’s possible. It’s just hard.

Torsten Dederichs

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