It’s progressive and accelerating. It starts with small compromises and accommodations. It seems justifiable. We make small adjustments for convenience sake. There is a slight trade-off on quality, or precision, or performance, but the added convenience is worth the risk.

Our footing is compromised. We are dripping water on the track. Gently, imperceptibly, we get used to the current level of comfort. The same question pops up again. We opt for more convenience. The sacrifice is small enough. Now, the bucket is full of holes.

Soon enough, our compromises stack up. So great in volume have our spills become that is is impossible to maintain our footing. Enter the slip.

Leave it long enough, and slips inevitably become falls. Enough falls, and you stop getting up.

Fix the spills.

If the goal convenience, let it be for our customer.

Bruce Christianson

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