With constant marketing bombarding our lives, we tend to overconsume. It’s not intentional, it’s consequential. When the entire premise for the economy and therefore business, is constant growth, it requires us to sell more.

We sell more when we get more customers purchasing more products. This makes business sense until we consider the break-even point. Saturation is inevitable. Not of our consumption or greed, but of our planet’s ability to sustain the pressure.

The sustainability and development goals have addressed these to some extent. Instead of trying to increase the capacity of our world, or others we hope to abuse in the same way, would it not be easier and more logical to be satisfied with less?

Consuming less means I am able to earn less, and therefore receive lower returns on investments. Reducing the pressure on the system is a function of demand. Marketing hacks this to increase it.

We would probably be happier with less if we discovered it was an option.

It is.

Fernando Reyes

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