What would that be? When does work matter?

The usual utilitarian response would be when it makes an impact. How do we affect the largest number of people, say 1 billion? Certainly, that matters. Saving the life of one person, through rescue, medicine or bravery matters. (A massive impact on the life of a single individual.)

What if I told you your work matters. Not because it will change the world or save a life, but because it’s your work. It will impact your tribe. It will touch the lives of individuals, even if as lightly as a feather.

Work that matters, does, not because of size or impact, but because every inch it moves us forward is a victory. An inch gained in creative expression, value, ingenuity, innovation, service, or acknowledgement moves the world.

It reminds us little by little that we are, despite all our differences, a wonderfully diverse canvass of unique pieces each contributing to a beautiful tapestry. Your work matters because it’s yours.

No-one else can do it like you can.

Dan Meyers

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