There are a couple of ways to look at this. Cats eat chickens. If they are kittens they will grow up to eat chickens soon enough. The only missing ingredient is time. No training, schooling or Tedtalks required to teach cats to behave like cats. It’s in their nature.

Conversely, it’s also in the nature of chickens to be fearful of cats. They eat us, and therefore I avoid them at all costs. To see one is to face certain death, or so I have been told.

This is not the reality of the brooding hen. She does not see future predators, she only sees the current maternal need. She broods these kittens as if they were her own. Nurture has taken over to supersede nature.

The age-old question emerges: “Will nurture crow victorious over nature?”


From the hen’s perspective, she chooses to shelter, support and help those in need. She does not consider the personal cost. This is who she is.

Maybe someday, who she is might change the course of history.

Don’t compromise who you are. Don’t give up on your dream because of the economy, the reality, the lack of opportunities, the insufficient experience…

If a hen can do it…

Patrick Kariuki

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