We all have different tolerances for seeking out help. Like the age-old stereotype of men refusing to ask for directions. Generally, we try to avoid it altogether. Noone likes admitting incompetence.

The ease of access to information aggravates this to some extent. Now, I never have to ask for help (or so I think) I can just search it and get educated without anyone the wiser.

The alternative is to ask for help way too early. We dislike comfort and uncertainty so much that as soon as we are unsure of anything we ask for help. We prefer getting someone else to fix the problem for us.

There is a fine balance in this. It would be to my benefit to know my shortcomings and celebrate the value of others by getting them involved. It would be to my detriment to avoid learning, problem-solving and challenges by getting in the coast guard before the ship is sinking.

Ask for help, not because you are lazy, but because someone else does it better.

Matthew Waring

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