It’s a great place to nurture and grow, especially when our little seedling is vulnerable. Greenhouses provide protection from the elements. We can limit exposure and control all the critical conditions that affect growth.

At some point, we need to leave the greenhouse. Our little tree cannot flourish in those protected, yet restrictive conditions. We need to expose it to the elements. We need to plant it out to push roots deeper than a pot allows.

So many times we are so fearful of our bright ideas being stolen that we refuse to take them out of the greenhouse. We don’t want to expose it to the elements or risk other people seeing it in plain sight. We want complete control over the life cycle and growth trajectory.

Remaining in the greenhouse will limit the growth prospects and future yields. Be brave, step out into the bright sunlight and showcase your brilliance to the world. You will be surprised how welcoming the soil can be.

Krisjanis Mezulis

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