There are thousands of shades between white and black. When we talk about principles we define our origin and our destination (the black and the white). This inspires, motivates and invigorates. It stirs up hope.

We leave these meetings, events or discussions feeling great. We can do anything! Let’s go forth and prosper. We depart from Castle Black. Next Stop – White Wonderland.

Alas, we encounter shades. It all blends together. Everything is hazy. Visibility sucks. Hope begins to fade.

Until we learn to accurately translate the principle into the practical, the euphoria of psych-up sessions does not last. The complexities of real-life applications for lofty ideals derails our progress and abandons us in the doldrums of despair.

We prefer to teach principle because it’s easier to agree on than the million nuances involved in translating it into practice. When we put principles to the test we stick our necks out. Chances of being proven wrong, or exposed increase. It’s just not worth the risk.

And so, in the interest of our reputations, we leave our followers stranded with great ideas that they battle to accurately translate to their very unique situations.

Be brave, get involved. Practice what you preach.

That’s what differentiates coaches from motivational speakers.

Finding Dan | Dan Grinwis

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