Swings go forward as far as they go back. It’s the transfer between potential and kinetic energy.  This is predictable and consistent. The end result is also always the same. The swing reverts back to it’s central, perpendicular position void of energy.

The kid on the swing brings the energy and is able to transfer it into any other direction. This allows the kid to jump off just before the apex to launch herself forward for a flashy dismount.

Some people are swings. They revert to a dormant state until someone comes by with some energy getting them all excited. They don’t really get anywhere mostly because they are tethered to a structure. Soon, they revert back to a state without energy.

Some people are kids. They bring out the best in others and transfer energy where it has the most impact. Unencumbered by restrictions and self-doubt.

Fortunately, you can choose which one you want to be.

It’s an approach, not an identity.

Myles Tan

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